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Offering secure gateways and secure and smart IoT devices on open and modern standards. With our products and optional services you are ready to participate in the IoT conquests ahead. We can also assist you in modifying software and offer radio modules making your products compatible in the world of Internet of Things.

With onesti Products you can choose from a wide range of services for your business and hereby being able to offer subscription for security and smart consumer services to end-users.

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Devices from onesti Products  are designed to be easily integrated into wireless solutions for smart homes, energy management, healthcare, and
building management.

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White Label

Offering you the opportunity to obtain a new customized IoT solution or expand your existing solution by adding your
brand to the  deployment-ready
white label products.

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Additional smart products whitelisted
by onesti and in compliance with
your own solutions

All-in-One solution for connecting
wireless devices supporting 
Security, Safety, Smart and Care

Always present

This smart gateway has both local and central storage. Runs on power and battery. Communicates on WiFi and GSM.
It just works!

Talks to everyone

The home owner is in charge!
He can buy the digital doorlock of his choice or expand his smart home with as many components as he likes. He can bring home and add smart bulbs from Ikea or he can activate one of our services.

Always updated

Making sure the network has the right software is not the responsibility of homeowners. We make sure it is correct. Both gateway and components are consecutively updated «over the air»

Protects end-users

We monitor the health condition of end-users’ gateways and additional components, for sure. If there is a fall-out, a battery failure, or a critical incident – we are there to assist with our operators and service personnel.

In need of an IoT Solution?
Try us out!

We can help! International IoT players can try out our secure IoT solution in their own environment.

Together with Develco Products we have constructed a website for ordering demo kits.

The heart of any IoT solution 

The HomeGate AiO offers a flexible platform where smart home devices, smart energy systems, healthcare solutions and building management systems can be connected. Communication with servers and smartphones. Can be established via WLAN, Ethernet or Cellular (2G/4G).

The gateway supports a wide range of communication protocols including Zigbee, WLAN, Wireless M-Bus,Bluetooth Low Energy and is Z-Wave ready. Supporting technology such as digital door locks, safety sensors, smart meters, smart plugs, thermostats etc.

The HomeGate AiO includes processor power to implement even very complex local intelligence. The memory options leave room for data storage and logging. It is designed to be integrated with a wide variety of cloud solutions.

Direct interaction between the App and the Gateway

Our gateway is built with full support for local services on the network. This means that applications located in the same Wifi network as the gateway can communicate directly. This will increase response speed and reduce latency. This ensures that the network will work independently if the phone/App is connected to the network or not.


  • Automated settings that takes appropriate actions for you
  • An intelligent system that can correct your oversights
  • Allow approved access to others when you are not at home
  • Control all functions in your home without having to be present

Our HomeGate AiO (All-in-One) communicates both on Wifi, ethernet and GSM. It is designed to meet future demands to communication and interaction capabilities. The gateway works as the home hub and functions even during power failures.

The security is safeguarded at all levels. All critical incidents connected to the infrastructure are taken care of through 24/7 monitoring. End-users can administrate their home or their office through a user-friendly application. The device can be controlled both locally and remotely.

This gateway is connected to a modern and advanced IoT platform. All data traffic is stored, protected and monitored by professional security operators.

Multiple radios and processors

With this HomeGate Aio we have developed a next generation gateway technology that will be able to meet the market’s need for integration of sensors and services.


Our gateway has multiple radios, GSM communication, and battery backup
  • Ethernet port helps to simplify installation and initial setup
  • USB port for connecting external services such as: additional radio and mobile broadband.
  • Versatile processor series which offers a range of processors with different capabilities. Provides increased production flexibility if you need larger capacity (video/speech).


Linux-MGW 101 – Memory – 256 MB RAM + 512 MB Flash

Wireless sensor communication

Zigbee 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth BLE
W-Mbus – 868 MHz
Z-Wave 868 MHz (EU) ready


USB (ready)

Backup communication

2G/4G – LTE Cat1 (EU) GSM Modul inside
eSIM (Installed)


5V power adaptor : EU – White
Battery (installed)


Wall bracket included

Our philosophy

We believe in freedom of choice

Therefore, we provide you with the freedom to decide which devices you prefer for your IoT solution, in addition to the HomeGate AiO (All-in-One). This gateway has locally embedded templates supporting digital device categories like doorlocks, security components, healtcare solutions components, and smart home devices from all the most reputable producers. However, if you prefer products from the onestiPRODUCTS family, we are happy to offer you a selection from our own range of products. Independent of hardware choices, all devices can be managed and controlled through one single App.


Platform independent

We also give you the freedom to choose when deciding on the right technological platform for your business offerings. Our HomeGate AiO is platform independent. It has great communication capabilities and can be tailored to almost any modern and open platform.


Monitoring Ready

The gateway is Monitoring Ready and you can include monitoring services from a certified Alarm Receiving Centre to your offerings. The capacity of the built-in backup battery meets the needs of both the Security and Healthcare industry. Among well reputed and certified platforms you find the platform offered by Safe4 Security Group.


Consumer Services Ready

In addition, we believe in the freedom to choose from a range of rapidly growing Consumer Services being ordered from a consumer-friendly App.
The HomeGate AiO works as the brain in the home or business. Through the HomeGate AiO, you can offer a range of Smart Home Services to your end-user portfolio.


We offer secure gateways and reliable and smart IoT devices on open, modern standards which support solutions within SECURITY, SMART HOME, AND HEALTCARE. With our products and optional solutions you are ready to take advantage of the IoT opportunities ahead. If needed, we can also assist in modifying software and offer radio modules making your products compatible in the world of Internet of Things.


onesti PRODUCTS is a subsidiary company of Safe4 Security Group.


“Connecting the dots”

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Postal address: Box 4900 Nydalen, NO – 0423 Oslo
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