EMI Norwegian HAN

Real-time measurement

Key Features

  • No installation cost
  • Secure communication
  • Can be used for load-shifting

Additional Services

  • Energy management

Real-time measurement and reporting of power consumption.

The EMI Norwegian HAN is an external meter interface customized to Norwegian power meters. It is compatible with Norwegian electricity meters with enabled HAN interface. The HAN interface power the EMI Norwegian HAN which uses little energy. Energy awareness increases with this device, and, in addition, the data can be used for advanced load-shifting.

The EMI Norwegian HAN is easily installed and integrated. It only needs to be plugged in to be installed into your electronic meter.  Furthermore, a Zigbee gateway can pick up data collected from the EMI Norwegian HAN. In addition, The Zigbee profile ensures a high level of security, resulting in protection of personal data as well as preventing hacking. Also, the HAN Interface is OTA upgradeable. This increases the longevity of the product.

Area of use

Homes and holiday homes.

Smart Energy

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