Key Features

  • Communicates on WiFi, ethernet and GSM
  • Security at all levels
  • Open source standards


  • Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Services from certified ARC
  • App push notifications and app Alerts
  • In-home delivery, Manned Security, Healtchare services if offered by your service provider
  • Additional services (Rental services: digital doorlock and power management, Frost guard, leakage guard. Power consumption guard, stove guard, video surveillance)

Our HomeGate “All-in-One” communicates on Wifi, ethernet and GSM. The HomeGate AiO design meets future demands to communication and interaction skills. This gateway works as the home hub and functions even under power failures.

Also, 24/7 monitoring of all critical incidents connected to the infrastructure makes sure the security is safeguarded at all levels. In addition. consumers or businesses can administrate their home or their office. The user-friendly application makes it easy. Furthermore, the device runs both locally and remote.

This gateway is connected to a modern and advanced IoT Platform. All data traffic is stored, protected and monitored by professional security operators.

Area of use

The HomeGate AiO is the hub in the Safe4 ecosystem, but can also be implemented to any IoT solution. This gateway is the hub in Home Alarm systems for private homes and holiday homes. In addition, the HomeGate plays a vital part in the alarm system of small businesses.

With HomeGate AiO you can Integrate digital doorlocs to your alarm system. You can also administrate the access control by app.

In addition, the HomeGate enables you to monitor power consumption.

“Talking to all your smart home devices”, the HomeGate AiO is the smart choice when in search of a home alarm and smart home solution.


Peace of mind

Smart Energy

In-home Delivery


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