Pet Motion Sensor

Motion sensor with pet immunity

Key Features

  • Detects suspicious movements by passive infrared technology (security)
  • Detects movements related to smart home functionality
  • Pet immunity up to 27kg

Additional Services

  • Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Services from certified ARC
  • App alerts and push notifications
  • Manned security if offered by your service provider
  • Smart Living/In home delivery services, Healthcare services if offered by your service provider

A motion sensor with pet immunity detecting and reporting suspicious movements to security or home automation systems.

Furthermore, this device provides pet immunity up to 27kg to eliminate false alarms caused by animals.  A pre-inserted lithium battery powers the sensor. In addition, the device features long battery life and automatic power-saving mechanism.

Area of use

This motion sensor can be a part of your burglary alarm and be directly connected to a certified Alarm Receiving Centre. Here, a team of professional operators ensure your safety, 24 hours a day / 365 days per year.

The burglary alarm is triggered alerting the Alarm Receiving Centre and the home owner when the motion sensor alerts.  Furthermore, the residents receive alarm notifications to their smartphone, and burglars are scared off by  local sirens that also are activated.

You are in control of your home security from anywhere by use of your app. Furthermore, the app allows you to activate and de-activate the alarm. You also have full overview of all movements in your home.

This sensor can also be programmed to send alerts on non-movements as part of a healthcare solution.

Included in the safe4 eco system is this pet detector.



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