Relax Smart Plug

Monitor and control electrical


Key Features

  • Accurate power consumption measurement
  • Alarm if lack of power consumption
  • IAS Zone (Alarms is being sent to ARC)
  • Always ON
  • Alarm on high temperature inside plug
  • Zigbee Home Automation 1.2
  • Alarm if lack of 230V power failure


Additional Services

  • Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Services from certified ARC
  • App alerts and app push notifications
  • Power consumption guard
  • Frost guard
  • Manned security services or repairs/installations when necessary if offered by your service provider

RELAX – You will be alerted of power cuts or mal-function on your electrical appliances.

Onesti Products’ RELAX safety on board plug, is part of the Peace of Mind product series. It is an intelligent adapter for remote connection. This smart plug is incorporated in Safe4’s eco-system*.

In case of power cuts or malfunction on the appliances you have connected to electricity by use of RELAX, you will be alerted.

    • Zigbee Home Automation 1.2
    • Accurate power consumption measurement
    • Always connected


* the iotioiti platform, onesti products, Safe4’s Alarm Receiving Services and other services from partners.

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