Smart Cable

For smart energy management

Key Features

  • Accurate power consumption measurement
  • Remote on/off control
  • Flexible cable connection
  • ZigBee Home Automation certification

Additional Services

  • App push notifications
  • Energy management services

Monitor energy consumption and control electrical devices

This Smart Cable converts conventional power cables to a remotely controlled unit, which allows users to monitor their power consumption. The Smart Cable enables the user to control plugged in electrical devices, with the option to switch electronical equipment on or off.

It is possible to get the Smart Cable as:

  • Ready-to-assemble
  • Preassembled cable extension


Area of use

This Smart Cable is flexible and smart. It can be used where there is no space for a smart plug or where a higher load (up to 16 Amp) is required. The Smart Cable is independent on the plug type, making it work in most countries.

Included in the safe4 eco system.

Smart Energy

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