Yale Doorman V2N

Compatible with any standard door

Key Features

  • Remontely controlled by App
  • Communicates with HomeGate AiO
  • Keyless access

Additional Services

  • App push notifications
  • Smart Living/In home delivery services if offered by your service provider
  • Healthcare services if offered by your service provider

Yale Doorman is one of the market leaders in digital doorlocks suited for Scandinavian exterior doors.

The doorlock is a Do-It-Yourself-product for handy people, but you can also get help with the installation from your service provider.

Yale Doorman version V2N (only) works with HomeGate AiO and APP.

Remote and full control of the front door. Yale Doorman Digital Door Lock with unique codes for residents and guests, solves a number of everyday problems, and offers new possibilities to upcoming new services.

  • With the App, you can give access to your home to others, even when you are not at home
  • All doorlock users can be added with a door pin,  a RFID tag or both.
  • Family members do not have to keep track of keys
  • Guest users can also be added to the lock with a limited time access.
  • You do not have to bring traditional keys for jogging or walking the dog
  • Get notification on who is coming home when you’re away
  • No worries – You can easily check if the door is locked
  • If you have our home alarm installed, you can deactivate the alarm simultaneously as you are locking up your Yale Doorman, using the same pin.
  • All functionalities in the Yale Doorman are available from the APP, for example the autolock function.


Area of use

Secure and keyless access to your home, holiday home or business.

Included in the Safe4. Eco system.



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